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A second-time founder and a first-time writer.

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Networking in increments.

It’s perhaps overstated how important compound interest is to investing. Buffet, Mr. Money Mustache, and Einstein (maybe) all laud the strategy. It borders hilarity how much we agree with the sentiment. I believe compound interest thinking should be applied more gratuitously to networks.

At networking events, a natural tendency for me is to try to meet as many people as possible, in an effort to justify the time spent boozing with strangers on sweaty rooftops. This activity often renders moot, with stacks of business cards stashed away never to be retrieved again. I am working to change this behavior. I’ve found it much more productive to spend time with one or two people at these occasions. My goal: make one friend.

The change is incremental, but it compounds. On a utilitarian level, making one true friend at a time allows for the accrual of interest. You start to run into the same...

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Sculptors, of marble and of startups.

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Building a startup is like sculpting marble. You have a general idea of what you are making and more so, the feeling and impact that you want to convey. Slowly, you chip away at that vision. Day after day. It does not happen all at once.

Sometimes, you make an unexpected move, and you have to transform it into something different. The pursuit still holds true to the original purpose.

Once in a while, you chip enough times that you have to throw the whole marble block away. It is past recovery. It is okay. There are other marble blocks in the world. You can start again.

Disclosure: I have no idea how marble sculpting works. 😂

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Breaking the ice

There, I did it. Now, I can get to writing without the weight of a momentous first post.

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